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School Holiday Program for April 2021.

Welcome to the school holiday program for April 2021.

The classes will run on four days:

Wednesday 7th of April    ,    Thursday 8th of April
Wednesday 14th of April ,     Thursday 15th of April

5 to 8 year olds from 10 am to 12 pm
9 + year olds from 2 to 4 pm


Parents /carers are welcome to stay, however if bringing toddlers please supervise as we cannot provide activities for them too and the studio is full of breakable pottery.  There are local parks, cafes and shops nearby.

All our teachers are qualified and hold current Working with Children compliances.

NB: If your child / children have behavioural or medical conditions that require additional help, please stay for the entire session.  

We request a check in and hand sanitising on arrival as per Covid NSW Safe Guidelines.

Clay process: Pieces will be made within the 2 hour workshops. Clay needs to be dried, and then fired a bisque temperature of 1000 degrees. Once fired we will clear glaze children’s work t make it bright and shiny. You will receive an email when the pieces are ready for collection. This will usually take around 3 weeks from date of workshop.

NB: All materials used in our workshops are non toxic to children.

How to Book:    Please complete the form at the bottom of this page.

You can enroll and pay for up to 3 children on one form.

Workshop Descriptions

Cost:    $35 per child /class

Week 1                       

Wednesday 7th of April   5 to 8 year olds 

Theme:  Houses

Time:   Cancelled

Description  : Children will make their own mini houses from clay and decorate them with colourful safe slips. They will use their imagination to place windows, doors and decorations on the houses.


Thursday 8th of April  5 to 7/8 year olds

Theme: Koalas and Kangaroos

Time:   10 am to 12 pm

Description:  In this workshop the children will be thinking about our endangered Australian animals, and sculpting beautiful furry marsupials from clay. The pieces will be coloured in the workshop with clay slips


Week 1         

Wednesday 7th of April  9+ year olds 

Theme: Clay Heads / Busts

Time:   2 to 4 pm

Description: Children will be taught about the dimensions of the human head and shoulders to create a sculptural bust. Using clay they will learn how to mould and shape the features and add facial details. The busts, if time allows, will be highlighted with clay slip colours. 


Thursday 8th of April  9+ year olds

Theme:   Fantasy and Mystical Creatures

Time:   2 to 4 pm

Description: Children will use their vivid imaginations to create fantasy and mythical clay creations. They can model this on their favourite movie character or invent a completely new creature. They will be learning how to sculpt, mould and colour clays to create a finished piece. 


Week 2          

Wednesday April 14   5 to 8 year olds 

Theme:  Basket and assorted fruits

Time:   10 am to 12 pm

Description:  In this workshop children will first create a basket out of clay to hold a selection of fruit pieces. They will then make bananas, apples, grapes, pears etc to fill the basket. The works will be coloured by the children with clay slips


Thursday 15th of April  5 to 8 year olds   

Theme: Garden gnomes and mushrooms

Time:               10 am to 12 pm

Description: Fantasy garden gnomes and mushrooms will be created by the children from clay . These can be placed in the garden or under a flower pot as, once fired the pottery will not be affected by the weather.


Week 2          

Wednesday April 14    Age: 9 +

Theme:   Under the sea: Coral, fish and shells

Time:         2 to 4 pm

Description: The children will have a large palette of variety to choose from when making their under the sea sculptures. They will use their imaginations to create an underwater diorama of corals , fish and sea creatures and then colour them with clay slips.


Thursday April 15     Age:  9 +

Theme:   Relief Tiles/Plates

Time:     2 to 4 pm

Description:  Children will be making tiles from clay to create a beautiful garden or wall plaque. They will be rolling out slabs and learning how to add or carve from the clay tiles. Once the design is completed they will colour the tiles with slips.


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